5Dimes Sportsbook Review

A plow horse is a dependable beast that gets the job done.  It is unspectacular but does provide fertile ground for your harvest to be reaped.  This is what has become of 5Dimes.  Ever steady and dependable,  a variety of options in their graphical interface are somewhat dated.  The site can become hard on the eyes but not on your wallet.  Let us examine the aspects that excel at and the few limitations that the site has in these modern times.

Bonuses and Promotions

Reduced juice is a bonus or a discount that is best availed by the daily grinder.  A reduction in the vig on most mainstream sports will add up to substantial savings if you stay in the game for prolonged periods of time.  It emphasizes strict bankroll management as the margin of error is less than those that get free play promotions on other sites.  If you like to have a static bankroll on a site for a prolonged period of time, this time of promotion will pay dividends for you.

An exotic selection of wagering events is the bread and butter at 5dimes.  Want to wager on Japanese soccer?  Professional dart leagues in the Uk?  German handball leagues?  If the niche is your forte then this destination is your nirvana.  Several online poker rooms as well as live casinos make their home under the 5Dimes umbrella.

5Dimes has the most extensive selection of sports to wager on in if you are in the United States market. They have some of the earliest lines in the business.  For those that want to branch out into other disciplines, you can try your hand at wagering darts, handball, Russian hockey, and even the WWE. With their high limits, it is a great option for those in the US provided that one runs well at the start or employs strict bankroll management.

This company is rock solid when it comes to the financial aspect.  They also like to experiment in providing cutting edge payment processing with Bitcoin and a variety of E-Pay methods.  Most times they go well but are sometimes limited in the withdrawal aspect of E-Pay due to limited availability.  P2p speed is above average to excellent depending on which day of the week you select.

5Dimes has staff on hand at all hours but you run the risk of feeling like you are a cog in the machine.  Do to their sheer numbers, some issues do fall through the cracks.  For those that look at their wagering as a business rather than for enjoyment make 5Dimes one of the places where they wager from the USA.  Your funds are safe there but you have to employ a more conservative wagering stance due to the lack of freeplay and bailout promotional options.