Anonymous Offshore Betting Advantages

Anonymous offshore betting advantages span many genres. Let’s talk about a few.

Key Points

– Betting with an offshore sportsbook offers bettors numerous advantages including privacy.

– Keeping all of your sports betting activity private has its challenges.

In today’s modern technological world, the issue of privacy is a big one. People are on their computers and phones for hours everyday.

That puts their personal information at stake. It’s no different in the sports betting industry where bettors and their personal and financial information are at stake.

Anonymous betting has become extremely popular, but the average bettor may not be aware. Anonymity in sports betting starts with going offshore as these sportsbooks offer numerous betting advantages.


Anonymous Offshore Betting Advantages

It’s essentially the same reasoning for why people use a VPN (virtual private network) when they go online. They want their personal information, including financial data, to remain private. They don’t want to get hacked nor do they want to have their identity stolen.

Anonymous betting allows players to place wagers without sacrificing any of their personal information. Numerous offshore sportsbooks do not require documentation upon signup. 

These sportsbooks are going to be offshore. Sportsbooks in Europe or the U.S. are too heavily regulated and will require all sorts of personal information in order to sign up for an account. 

Offshore sportsbooks are much more relaxed as far as regulation goes and that is one of the big advantages of going offshore.

Advantages of Anonymous Offshore Betting

As mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of online betting is the fact that bettors do not have to divulge personal data to place bets.

As a result, the registration or signup for an offshore site is very quick. Bettors can be up and ready to place bets in a matter of minutes with a valid email address.

Another huge advantage of using offshore sportsbooks is that most of them accept cryptocurrency. Most all will accept Bitcoin as that has been popular for the past several years. 

These days, more offshore books are accepting a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Using these digital currencies is another plus for bettors looking to stay anonymous.

Anonymous vs. Pseudonymous

Many sports bettors like to go offshore because sportsbooks will accept crypto. Crypto transactions are anonymous, right? You need to take anonymous offshore betting advantages seriously. Uncle Sam may be watching.

The best answer to that is “kind of.” While no personal information on either end of the transaction is able to be found, the details of the transaction can be.

Be anonymous without worry

Many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are transparent. That means they allow for the transaction details to be seen. These transparent digital currencies are “pseudonymous” which means they are mostly anonymous, but not completely.

How to Keep It Private

Bettors should have at least one account with an anonymous sportsbook. Check out our best sports gambling sites. There are a bunch of great options.

To make it completely anonymous, they will need to use non-transparent cryptocurrencies which are known as privacy coins. ZCash and Monero are the most popular.

All transactions to and from the anonymous sportsbook must be made with privacy coins and the coins cannot be exchanged for traditional currency. Doing so means using a crypto exchange and almost all crypto exchanges require KYC “Know Your Customer” documentation. These exchanges are also heavily regulated.