Do you wonder which are the best PPH websites?

Online pay per head sites probably seems like a dime a dozen. There was once a day when there was just a handful, but times have certainly changed and now the bookies are faced with an array of choices. The choices can be daunting and even overwhelming at times. Knowing who to choose is probably not something that you may have thought of or if you have, you simply don’t know who the best is or why they would be the best. There are more than a few fantastic options and there are more than a few duds out there so knowing why you want a pay per head, to begin with, is an all-important task. Take a look at a couple of the pay per heads that we have highlighted and get moving! The high season is here, and you should be earning a small fortune.

Why have a pay per head?

    • If you are a bookie on any level, then you are probably tired of going this alone. You can attest to the workload that you carry on a daily basis. If you have even five active players – that’s work. If you have more than ten active players then you are scrambling to keep up with their demands and should you have any more than ten, you are swamped. This job is not for sissies! This is a difficult task that you are undertaking on a daily basis and you must be all things to all people, all of the time. You must present yourself in a way that inviting and hospitable – you are selling a retail product and it’s not tangible. It had better exceed the expectations of your clients.

    • For anyone that has ever owned a vehicle, you can liken the sportsbook client to a car owner. When a person owns a car, they realize there are routine maintenance issues that must be taken care of on a regular basis, such as brakes, an oil change, and tires. These issues are routine and can be expected when owning a car. What is not expected is a blown rod, a bad timing belt, or a transmission to go bust. What happens when this happens? The car owner must find a reputable mechanic shop and have their car fixed at the best price possible. These clients seldom walk into the mechanic shop happy! More often than not, they walk in angry and they don’t want to pay the asking price. Sportsbook clients are the same after a loss. They are mad that they made a bad choice and bet on the losing team or event. They come back to you unhappy.

    • Gamblers know these things happen and they consider the cost when they gamble. What you must do is keep them on the hook with options. If they have limited options in your sportsbook, they will leave you in a hurry. The car owner may live in a small town with very few mechanic shops. This may send them to the next biggest town where there is more competition, you want to be the competition. You want their action and you want to keep your clients from going to the next town.

    • The pay per head gives your clients all of the betting choices they could ever want or ask for. All you do is provide it to them.

    • is a PPH provider that has proven itself to be trustworthy. They keep their promises and they charge a fair price. They set you up with a fantastic turnkey operation that is second to none. Your clients will love the wagering platform and the ease of use.

    • is another that have proven themselves over time. This group has been around for more than 10-years and they are growing. Their legendary customer service sets them apart and they also offer a fantastic wagering platform with a state of the art user interface.

    • We have given you a couple of PPH providers that come with a top-notch reputation for customer service as well as a leader in the user-friendly category. The last thing you want is for your clients to struggle. Gambling on your online website should be easy, laid out well and it should come with a great wagering menu.

No matter who you choose to do business with the bottom line is fulfilling the needs of the client. The more cross-action you have the more you will earn.

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