Get the Complete Gaming Experience

Offshore sportsbooks provide the complete gaming experience.

Key Points

– Offshore sportsbooks are able to offer a more complete gaming experience that includes a sportsbook, a racebook, casino games, and more.

– Less government regulation and taxation are two of the reasons why offshore sportsbooks are able to offer tremendous savings and outstanding bonuses to customers.

Your Complete Gaming Experience

While sports betting continues to thrive all over the world and especially in the U.S., bettors are still doing business with offshore sportsbooks for one big reason – to get the complete gaming experience.

Too many newer bettors in the market have misconceptions about legal and so-called illegal sportsbooks. Offshore sportsbooks have been in business for decades and have several advantages over newer on-shore operations. Plus, gamblers can find everything from sportsbooks and casino games to racebooks and more offshore.

If you’re a sports bettor looking for more and want to get the complete gaming experience, the offshore sportsbook is the way to go.

The Full Selection ~ Sportsbook, Casino and Horse Racing

There is nothing like the selection of betting and gaming opportunities at an offshore sportsbook. First, there is the sportsbook itself. You’ll find all the major sports with all of the markets. Bettors will also find less popular sports and all kinds of alternative betting markets. 

Live betting, player and team props, and bets that you would never find at an on-shore book are all available at an offshore sportsbook. Player props have become extremely popular. They are part of most bettor’s overall strategy.

Push up contests? Yes. Odds on the next mayor of any city anywhere? Done. You name it and you can find it in an offshore sportsbook. Those types of bets simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Then, there is the casino. At an offshore sportsbook, you can go into the casino and play everything from blackjack to roulette and poker. When sports betting markets are a little slower or when bettors are simply looking for something different, they can easily play all sorts of casino games at their offshore sportsbook.

Like betting on horses? Whether you just bet on the Triple Crown races or you dig a little deeper and bet the ponies a lot, you will find action from numerous tracks around the world in an offshore racebook. 

Access To The Best Odds and Lines

Smart bettors search long and hard for the best pricing for their bets. Saving a few bucks here and there adds up and bettors are more likely to find those savings offshore.

There are numerous offshore sportsbooks located in Central American countries like Costa Rica and others in the Caribbean. These areas are popular for sportsbooks for a number of reasons.

America’s Bookie Offers A Full Gaming Experience

One is the government regulation or, actually, the lack of government regulation. The industry is not heavily regulated. That means a sportsbook is freer to operate as it pleases and isn’t forced to do things that may not be economically sound. 

Part of less government regulation also means lower taxes. In places like Costa Rica, businesses in general are not taxed as much as they are in countries like the U.S. Offshore sportsbooks in these countries can pass some of those savings on to their customers in a number of different ways.

Complete Gaming Experience Going Offshore

One of the ways to do so is to offer better odds and lines.

The Dodgers might be a -150 moneyline favorite over the Padres at your favorite on-shore site. Smart bettors will shop every betting line and they may find an offshore sportsbook that has the same wager at -130. An offshore sportsbook has the ability to offer those savings which is a big reason why bettors continue to do business offshore.

There are countries where a sportsbook will be forced to pay a huge fee just to be able to do business. On top of the ridiculous fee – it was 100,000 pounds in Gibraltar – the sportsbook will also pay a business tax. In the UK, the amount of  tax was 15 percent. 

These fees make it tough for a sportsbook to offer the same kind of savings that offshore sportsbooks offer.

Better Bonuses & Incentives

Because of the lower taxation and lower overall overhead costs, offshore sportsbooks are able to pass on savings to customers in a different way – via bonuses. 

Offshore sportsbooks typically have the best bonuses and incentives programs in the industry. Every offshore site has generous welcome bonuses as well as the best reload bonuses around. 

Bettors will find contests, loyalty programs, and other VIP programs at offshore sportsbooks. They are designed with the customer in mind and add to the overall experience. At an offshore sportsbook, it seems as if there are no limitations to what bettors can experience.

Offshore Sportsbooks Aren’t Going Anywhere

Despite the legalization of sports betting in over 30 US states now, offshore sportsbooks are still extremely popular.

Bettors continue to flock to them for all the reasons mentioned above.

As long as they continue to provide value and a complete gaming experience, the offshore sportsbook will remain a key piece in the sports betting industry.