How to Bet On Sports- Super Bowl Alternative Betting Lines

There is a very good chance that even people that do not bet on sports will have some kind of action on this Sunday’s Super Bowl considering that more than four billion dollars is expected to be wagered on the biggest single-day betting event of the year.

From the local office block pool to six-figure bets in Las Vegas, the Super Bowl’s global appeal when it comes to sports betting is staggering. That is why every offshore sportsbook taking
action on the game from US players is more than happy to offer any number of ways to bet on this unique event. While most recreational sports bettors will still gravitate to betting on the pointspread, moneyline and total line, there are also a wide array of prop bets in play for the Super Bowl. If you can think of it, there are probably odds posted for it when it comes to the action both on and off the field surrounding a Super Bowl.

One of the best values on the board when it comes to betting this game are the moneyline odds posted for alternative pointspreads. In an effort to boost your return on investment for the Super Bowl, you can tweak the betting line in either direction depending on how you see the game playing out. Super Bowl LII this Sunday currently has the New England Patriots favored by 4.5 points almost across the board at all the top online sportsbooks. The betting line for the total has stayed rather consistent at 48 points.

The pointspread for Super Bowl LII opened at six points, but it was quickly bet down to five points within the first day on the board. Money has continued to come in on Philadelphia tomove this spread to 4.5 points early in the week before the game. Where it goes from here is still anyone’s guess, but past experience with Super Bowl betting tends to follow a pattern of early money on the underdog followed by an influx of money on the favorite as we get closer and closer to kickoff.

The most important aspect of betting this game is to do your own independent analysis of the actual matchup to come up with a game scenario in your head. If you think that the Eagles can pull off another straight-up victory as underdogs, then you might want to bet an alternative betting line that is fewer that 4.5 points. If you believe that New England is going to win by a comfortable margin as opposed to another nail-biting finish, then you might want to expand the spread to increase your return.

The current alternative lines posted for Sunday’s game when it comes to betting on Philadelphia can help you choose the best spread to use based on your actual pick.

By moving the betting spread to three points, the return on $100 bet that the Eagles cover would return +$125. By taking the line down to just one point, you could make $166 on the same $100 bet. You might want to go with a straight-up moneyline bet at +$170 that Philly wins this game. If you are extra confident, you could give New England three points for a return of +$253.

When it comes to tweaking the betting lines for a Patriots’ win, extending the spread back to its original six points would return $111 on a $100 bet that they cover. If you see New England rolling to a double-digit victory in Super Bowl LII, then by moving this spread to 10 points you could earn $209 on that same $100 wager.