Line Shopping: Compare Betting Lines

Be sure to compare betting lines to win more bets.

Key Points

– One of the easiest ways to win more bets is to compare betting lines.

– Having access to multiple sportsbooks makes it easy to compare betting lines.

Compare Betting Lines

Shopping for the best betting line is a form of comparison shopping that can save you both money and time. Spending less money means you can avoid your handicapping responsibility by adopting the path of least resistance. Getting more done in less time will result in a more fruitful handicapping experience.

You are able to dissect the lines that you are going to compare. If we were making a list, money lines would be at the very top. It is also essential to take note of the totals as well as the point spreads. That money line list typically includes prop odds and futures line betting as well.

If you want to win more bets, one of the most important talents to have is the ability to compare different betting lines. You have to go through the process of purchasing a betting line that is most advantageous. That means you need to beat the closing line more often than not.


Comparisons of the Money Line

The betting format known as money line odds goes from best to worst. You should avoid picking the poorest money line possible and go for the one that offers the best odds. If you had a comprehensive checklist, the answer would be simple to identify. Developing the checklist is the easy part of the process. 

At a bare minimum, when you compare betting lines you should include three different online sportsbooks, At most, there should be 12 different options. It is important that they all begin on the same day and at the same time. 

Money line odds have the most flexible lines. As a result, bettors can find good bargains when they compare betting lines at various online and offshore sportsbooks. If you don’t have accounts at multiple sportsbooks, there is no time like the present to do so. If your research takes you to a new sportsbook, sign up for a new account to take advantage of the better line.

Compare Betting Lines – Totals

Total lines lend themselves well to comparisons because they are easier to compare to one another. One thing that you need to keep in mind is whether or not there has been a shift in the juice. This is the commission paid to the sportsbook for taking the bet. 

If you lose your wager at most online sportsbooks, you’ll lose your stake plus the juice. Standard juice at any sportsbook is typically 10 percent, which is shown as odds of -110. A select few online sportsbooks base the commission on which side they think the total will fall – OVER or UNDER.

Take an NBA game as an example. The total is set at 115. The Over is given odds of -105. The Under is given odds of -115. In this case, the sportsbook thinks the Under is the more likely outcome. NBA bettors can compare betting lines to see if they can find a better price on the Under.

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Comparisons of the Point Spread

When comparing online sportsbooks, point spreads are found to be comparable to one another. What bettors may find when they compare betting lines is a difference of half a point. One sportsbook has a favorite at -7 and another has the same favorite at 7.5. 

Getting that extra half-point can mean the difference between a win and a loss or even a tie (push). Whenever bettors can find a more favorable point spread, they should take it.

Taking a Look at Different Online Sportsbooks’ Betting Lines

All of the main professional and collegiate games will have money lines, total lines, and point spreads available to bet on at online sportsbooks. The ability to compare different betting lines is an advantage you need when wagering on games.

Comparing the betting lines offered by online sportsbooks is an important component of the handicapping process. This includes looking for appealing odds on the money line as well as the point spread and on totals bets.

There are now tools available for betters to compare betting lines at different sportsbooks. A quick Google search will provide you with a number of services that will post odds and lines for a large number of the most popular sportsbooks in the industry. This makes finding a sportsbook easy.

That way, bettors don’t have to go through the arduous process of looking up odds at each individual sportsbook. Tools like this make it rather easy to compare betting lines.