Making a Serious Profit on Super Bowl LII with Pay Per Head

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, a great deal of your yearly profit probably comes from the action you take in on football. The New Year of sports betting got underway with some heavy action on the College Football Playoff Championship Game earlier this month, but nothing compares with the golden opportunity of making a serious amount of money on this year’s NFL Super Bowl the first Sunday in February.

Over the years, the Super Bowl has grown into the biggest single-day betting event of the year. Even sports fans that do not bet on the games during the regular season or playoffs will be looking to get in on some action for this game. One of the biggest reasons why the income potential on the Super Bowl is so high for private bookies is the sheer number of betting options
available. Along with the standard bets on a side with a pointspread, a moneyline bet for a straight-up win or the ‘OVER/UNDER’ on the total score, the Super Bowl takes things to a whole new level with any number of proposition betting options tied directly to the action on the field and, in certain betting scenarios, off the field.

The Super Bowl is a game where your current Pay Per Head provider for online sports betting software solutions really earns the weekly price per head fee they charge for each of your active betting customers. While you will probably have to dramatically increase your PPH service fee budget for the next few weeks, it will be well worth the added cost once you start collecting all the money that was lost by your betting customers for this one game.

As a private bookie taking in local action on the Super Bowl, your overall marketing strategy should be diversification in the amount of different betting options on your board. Your Pay Per Head provider can not only set you up with betting lines for the game itself, they can give you fast and easy access to a full set of prop bet odds to further build out your board. It is still up to you as far as which betting options you add to the board, but today’s modern Pay Per Head online bookie software allows you to completely level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks that will also be taking in online betting action for this game.

Along with an expanded offering of betting odds for this year’s Super Bowl, you will also have fast and easy access to all the necessary business analytics to manage this added action. You can use a daily betting ticker on an account by account basis to closely monitor how and how much each of your customers are betting as the two weeks wear on to kickoff on Feb. 4. As part of the weekly per head fee you pay, you will always be able to move your own betting lines or change the offerings on your board to best meet your individual business needs.

This is the one game of the year where your really need to stay way out in front of the daily betting action coming in. Pay Per Head bookie software makes this task easy to accomplish so you are not faced with the dilemma of any negative exposure that could work against your overall bookie business’s bottom line.

Making the most of the Super Bowl as a private bookie has never been any easier with the help of a quality Pay Per Head site. They have the right business tools and the right online sports betting software solutions to make Super Bowl LII a winning proposition for your bookie business.