Pay Per Head Software Truths and Myths

The pay per her head has been around for close to 20 years and until recently not many bookies have jumped in on the action. Things have changed, times have changed and for the better. Now bookies have options. If you’re looking to jump-start your business and get in on the ground floor the time is now. Don’t delay, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking your bookie business online.

There are myths and rumors that go around and have been going around since the dawn of time concerning pay per heads. We want to give you the skinny, the truth and we want to tell you exactly how a great pay per head can earn you a six-figure income.  Stop going this alone, get help. The bookie business is marginal,  there are ups and downs and big swings. When losses come your way, (and it’s a guarantee they will) are you prepared, or are you a deer in the Headlights?

The Myths—

1. You need to be rich in order to start an online sportsbook with the use of a pay per head: This is false, false, and more false! It’s helpful to have a nice bankroll at startup and it’s simply a misnomer to think otherwise, however, you do not need to be rich in order to start a great online bookie service. You can start with no money, or you can be a multimillionaire! How you set your player limits is up to you. You know how much you can afford to lose.

2. Pay Per head providers are expensive: Not true – The best pay per head providers in the industry today start at around $7 per head and usually top out at around $10, per head, per week-a one-time charge that comes with unlimited wagering for the client. If the client makes one bet for the week, you are charged the fee, if they make 300 bets in a week, you are charged the same fee. Often times,   different providers will charge a couple of dollars more for   phone-in bets, hence, the $10. This is optional but a very good thing to have. One of the main reasons you want a pay per head service is so that your clients no longer have to call you, now they can call the 800 number and place their bet or speak with customers service concerning any problem they may have.

3. Pay per heads have very little customer support: This is again false provided you find the best there is on the web. It’s not hard to find a fantastic pay per head, they come with a great reputation and    they are very well known in the gaming community. The best pay per head providers on the internet will provide you and your clients with a toll-free 800 number that can be accessed from the United States as well as manned by gaming professionals that speak English.

The Truths—

1. The pay per head industry can be operated by gaming professionals that have either been gamblers or bookies themselves, or they can be operated by unseasoned novices that have no idea what they are doing. You must avoid the former and find a pay per head with years of experience and a fantastic reputation.

2. A great pay per head furnishes the online bookie software that operates your online sportsbook, casino, and racebook. There is no downloading, there is no programming skills needed and no coding, or site-building. This entire process is handled by the PPH. They do everything for you to start and they can have you operational with your players playing the same day.

3. The pay per head is the bookie, they literally do everything that you would have to do if you were going this venture alone.

There isn’t a better way to find an instant online presence for your bookmaking operation than with a pay per head. Now you can be organized and position yourself to earn a great income. Now you will have the time to recruit players and build your business. Find the perfect pay per head today and ask for an extended free trial. You will love the service and your clients will love you.

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