Picking the Right Sportsbook to Bet on MLB

Not all sportsbooks are created equal, especially as it relates to MLB betting. As Major League Baseball’s historic and unprecedented 60-game season is set to launch for 2020, prudent choices when looking to bet on MLB must be made.

The internet is splattered with a smattering of sportsbooks promising huge deposit bonuses, great lines, and seemingly unlimited wagering options. However, finding the right sportsbook for MLB is not rocket science.

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Despite the bells and whistles, sometimes, the best MLB sportsbooks are bare-bones. Some sport webpages reminiscent of the days where your dial-up connection still whirred and birred like a sci-fi automaton.

We are here, whether you’re new to MLB wagering or ready to rub pine tar on your mouse for yet another tease of MLB betting. Here are two ways you can separate the bunters from the sluggers in the world of MLB sportsbook wagering.

Offers In-Game Wagering

This is a big one. Unlike other sports, MLB is truly a game where a single swing can change the fortunes of the outcome. When looking to bet on MLB, you need to watch everything.

Every play matters in a game of baseball, and if you don’t have the opportunity to capitalize on the gut-wrenching swings (literally) that take place throughout a contest, you’re missing out.

In-game wagering means you can bet on a game right in the middle of the action. Where, traditionally, pregame wagers and first-five-inning wagers have dominated, the advent of in-game sports betting affords numerous opportunities for a wily bettor to profit. Whether you’re betting the run line, totals or money lines, the more knowledge you have, the more profit you should have to show for it.

Imagine a heavy favorite’s pitcher has a bad first inning, leading to a five-run deficit in the top of the first. But you, being the MLB genius that you are, know that the underdog’s time on top is short-lived, since their starter falls apart mid-way, and you know their bullpen is weak.

You could bet on the impending collapse by taking the heavy chalk while their (most likely) plus money on the in-game wagering lines. 

Situations like the one described above illustrate the value of timely and intelligent in-game wagering affords, so if your MLB sportsbook doesn’t offer it, you need to eject ’em, ASAP. 

Offers Dime Lines

In simplest terms, a dime line is a 10 cent spread between the odds of one wager and another wager. Take, for example, the following: Team A is -160, and Team B is +150. This is a textbook example of a dime line.

If the same odds for these teams were on a 20 cent line, you might see: Team A -165, Team B + 145.

Clearly, whether you like the chalk or the dog, a dime line gives you better value for your wager. This taxes you less for betting favorites and rewards you more when you nail those juicy MLB underdogs.

Since MLB is primarily a moneyline sport, getting the best value on every wager is essential; otherwise, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. 

But beyond these two tips, staying up to date with Online-Gambling-Supersite.com is essential!

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