Advantages of a PPh, the how’s and why’s

Pay per head services are quickly becoming the number one choice for bookies and the sports gambling industry in general. In the not so distant past, bookies had to put up with doing everything. Who wants to do everything? If you are a bookie and have been a bookie for any length of time you know what’s involved.

Take a look at a bookies responsibilities:

• Knowing your players/Qualifying your players.

• Keeping track of your players.

• Accounting/keeping track of the money, both in and out.

• Lines/odds you must make sure they are competitive but keep a balance, you don’t want to get killed every week. It’s a juggling act.

• Reports; a good bookie will know what players are winning and what players are losing.

• Having a web presence is a must, whether you have 3 players or 600.

• Writing bet slips/tickets, doing the math including parlays, teasers, reverse action, live wagering and much more.

• Grading tickets; grading tickets involves much more than simply knowing a win or a loss. Ticket grading involves late nights, watching games, keeping up with scores and more. It’s exhausting work and becomes a grind.

• Customer service/a presence, a reachable telephone number.

• Too many details to list. A bookies job is never finished, its tiring, exhausting and a grind.

Get rid of the old, step into the new with a price per head service.

Being a bookie is a tough job but it’s a rewarding job. The money spent annually on sports gambling is mind boggling. NCAA football accounts for $50 billion alone. Sports gambling is growing every year and projected to continue by billions and billions. If you are already a bookie with a few players or hundreds; you need a pay per head service.

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