Should I Use an NBA Betting System?

So, should you use NBA betting systems?

This question is obviously subjective and will mainly rely on the system you use. There are thousands of basketball betting systems touted online, but many of them are unprofitable.

A betting system is only as good as the results it produces.

How to Find Profitable NBA Betting Systems

The only way to know whether or not a system is profitable is to perform backtesting. If you’re ever presented with a system that hasn’t been backtested, you can assume it doesn’t make money.

With all of the data the NBA and other services provide, it’s easy to build a database to backtest any NBA betting systems you want, although it’s definitely time consuming. You could spend hours on testing a system only to find out that it has historically lost a lot of money.

The best way to find profitable NBA betting systems is to seek out the experts. There are plenty of people with data science and analytical backgrounds handicapping NBA games and those numbers are only increasing as states in the USA begin to legalize sports betting.

When you have found a winning NBA betting system, you need to follow it exactly. If you miss bets or make judgement calls based on your opinion, you’re not going to end up with the same results.

Best NBA Betting System

My favorite NBA betting systems can be found on

This is a new service backed by winning NBA handicappers with years of experience beating the markets. They know what they’re doing. Why spend countless hours trying to mess with data in Excel when you can simply check out Game Advisers (GA) to get the latest NBA system plays.

The system curates internal and external predictions for every NBA game. You can see exactly how the pros are betting on a nightly basis and all of the data is tracked. You can see exactly how each handicapper and system is performing in real-time, including return on investment (ROI) numbers.

Since launching, the NBA system plays at GA have gone 204-139-4 (8.96% ROI). 

I only trust NBA betting systems that track historical records in detail. You have to ask yourself why a service wouldn’t track results when they’re proving to be winners long-term. That’s why I’m a huge fan of GA. I’m a premium member, but they offer free accounts, so sign-up now before it’s too late.

Every GA member gets access to a minimum of five free expert NBA picks daily during the season.


You should absolutely utilize betting systems, but always be cautious. Don’t believe everything you hear online, especially when it comes to sports handicappers touting winning picks.

If you’re unable to go back and see an archived list of results, walk away. Even then, make sure the system has good reviews and the historical records are accurate. 

Profitable NBA betting systems won’t be kept secret forever and a service will end up with reviews online. Spend some time researching the system to ensure the claims made are factual.