Sports Gamblers – Find an Online Bookmaker that meets Your Needs

Every football season gamblers think they are ready to get it on and so often it happens about a week into the season; you dial up the bookie because you had a great opener and you ask for a payout, that’s when you get the news. You have just been informed that you still have thousands of dollars of in uncompleted rollover, but that’s not the worst thing, the even worse thing; their right. They are not lying to you and they are not trying to swindle you. They don’t need to swindle you, they make a lot of money and they lose a lot of money, but they do not need to swindle you on rollover. If you are a grind it out player and you are looking for reduced juice and looking to save a penny here and a penny there, then by all means find the bookies that cater to reduced juice.


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Rollover, what’s the deal? Bookmakers offer deposit bonuses, such as a 100% matching deposit every time that you reup your account with a minimum of $100. They usually have a cap as to how much they will match, usually it’s $1,000. There may be exceptions when the matching deposit is more, and that can be worked out with the sportsbook. Ask them, the best online sportsbooks have a toll free number that can be reached from the United States. Call them and ask them what the limits are and what the rules for the bonuses are. Most online gambling sites follow the same rollover model with 100% and a 10 X rollover, 90% 9 X rollover and on down the line to 30%. There are a few bookies out there that will work with you on a 10%, 15%, 20% and so on and so forth.


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If you are a grind it out player, that is in this thing for the long haul and you want to make money, then you must take a bonus but you must manage the bonus very well. Look, if you are the grind it out player, this means that you do your homework and you probably use a handicapper and you know the game very well. It is your goal to win at least 55% of the time and return an ROI of at least 8-10 % and hopefully higher. You probably play 50 games and even more per weekend and the rollover is no issue. That rollover goes away the same day you took the bonus! This is the beauty of being a serious player.

If you are a recreational player, then a bonus is also great but always remember this; have more than one online gambling site. Have one for cash and one for the bonus. You must do this if you don’t want frustrations down the road. When you win, you get paid from cash.

Why not play the bonus? It’s free money that has been given to you by the very sports gambling site that wants to beat you! Make them pay the price this year. Use the bonus first and when you win, the cash goes directly to your cash account and before you know it the rollover is gone. Have fun and find a bookie that caters to your individual gaming needs.