Sports Investing & The NBA

The average sports bettor doesn’t have the type of bankroll that would allow for an investment in an NBA franchise. The average franchise value in the NBA is just north of $1 billion removing the rank and file from the market.

While investing in a franchise may be out of the question, viewing the sports betting marketplace as an investment opportunity can give one an edge. It’s the attitude that ‘sharp bettors’ take and how they profit in the long run. 

So, how does one do it? How do sports bettors develop an investment mindset? It’s rather simple. Follow the lead of the professional money manager.

The Stock Market

Approaching the sports betting market like the stock market is a great place to start. Think about a stock that everyone hates. If everyone hates it, eventually the stock becomes undervalued. For decades, buying value stocks has been one of the best ways to make money in the stock market.

The same approach holds for sports betting. Think about making NBA betting picks against the spread. Milwaukee, the NBA team with the best record in the league, is a five-point favorite on the road at Miami. The public loves the Bucks and 75 percent of the bets on the game back Milwaukee.

The undervalued “stock” in this case is Miami. Since more NBA betting picks favored the Bucks, the value bet is taking the underdog Heat. Just like the stock market, this strategy has reaped sports bettors profits when investing in major U.S. sports like professional basketball

The Hot Pick

Like professionals in the stock market, sports bettors like to ride teams that are hot. Players build momentum sticking to their system of making NBA picks against the spread. They follow line movements and look for point spread fluctuations in the market. 

Some bettors will also employ a strategy of bucking the trend. Instead of following the “hot pick,” they look for underdog opportunities that allow them to cash in big.

Smart Money

In the world of making NBA spread picks, sometimes it just pays to follow the smart money. In the stock market, traders around the globe keep an eye on Warren Buffett. Investors like to emulate what he does because he has been so successful. 

The same is true in the sports betting world. There are sharp bettors that consistently profit in the long-term. By following betting percentages and line movement data, bettors can get an idea of how the sharps are betting.

Putting It All Together

How does the average sports bettor follow the smart money? It’s actually relatively easy with the help of Game Advisers. Using the Game Advisers betting advice system allows players access to the betting picks that the sharps are making. The system also includes picks, bets, and data from other professional handicappers around the world. 

That’s not all Game Advisers provides. A team of internal experts provides betting picks and insight and players get access to statistical data and trends that are used by sharps, handicappers, and the internal experts to make NBA picks. 

The Game Advisers betting advice system allows bettors to make NBA expert picks on a nightly basis by continuing to deliver winning betting picks.