NFL Week 17 Betting Trends You Need to Know

The final round of regular season games in the NFL takes place on the final day of the year and a number of these final 16 matchups still have some major implications for the upcoming playoffs. Here are some key betting trends for a pair of matchups in each conference that will have the biggest

Top Total Line Bets for this Weekend’s NCAAF Bowl Games

Starting this Friday, Dec. 22, there are six more bowl games on the board at your favorite online sportsbook as you try to cash in a few more winners before Christmas Day to build your holiday betting bankroll. One of the best things about betting on college bowls this time of the year is a

NHL Totals Not as They Seem

Fans and bettors that follow the National Hockey League are well aware that scoring is up. Some blame it on expansion watering down the talent pool, while others say it’s because players are better conditioned and even more blame the increase in goal scoring on the cut down of obstruction, penalizing even the slightest slash,

What is Parlay Betting? And how to bet them

What is Parlay Betting? That’s a fantastic question that all sports bettors need to understand. Parlay betting is one of the best ways to make money when betting on sports. Parlay betting at allows you to place several bets onto one to make more money. When you betting an individual bet, you have to

Teaser Betting Definition, Tips & Advantages

Sports betting just continues to be more and more prevalent, and more and more individuals are doing it. The problem for many is – they want to get involved with sports betting, but are not sure what they are doing, or how to do it. There are many types of bets that the general public

Futures Betting – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Futures betting is a fun and exciting type of bet for the NFL. With a future bet, you are betting on season long action and getting paid out when the regular season or entire season is done. Futures betting is just what the name says, as you are betting on the future outcome in the

Money Lines – Being able to understand money lines requires lots of patience and a calculator

The margins of victory in soccer, hockey and baseball are so small that creating a point spread for every game would be impossible. Before Charles K. McNeil invented the point spread in the 1940s, bettors relied only on the money line. Even though the money line still exists today and is widely available for football

America’s Bookie Sportsbook Review

Wagering is equal parts intuition, mathematics, and patience.  The several distinct stages of a season that requires one to augment their approaches in handicapping to remain profitable.  Amid all this change, one requires a sportsbook of stellar reputation to call home.  In the United States, the primary option for sports wagering is America’s Bookie. America’s

5Dimes Sportsbook Review

A plow horse is a dependable beast that gets the job done.  It is unspectacular but does provide fertile ground for your harvest to be reaped.  This is what has become of 5Dimes.  Ever steady and dependable,  a variety of options in their graphical interface are somewhat dated.  The site can become hard on the

Bet33 Sportsbook Review

Many months of sports wagering to mere moments for collecting your cash is what Bet33 has built their business model on.  Nestled in the offshore wagering mecca of Costa Rica, Bet33 has continually expanded their offerings, and customer service to encompass the universe of online wagering.  With their sportsbook, racebook, and online casino, attractive wagering