Why Betting Early Lines Is Important

Betting early betting lines can  make or break your week.

Key Points

– Betting early lines can ensure that a bettor gets the best number when laying down a bet.

– Understanding why lines move and when they shift helps bettors understand why betting early lines often makes sense.

Betting Early Lines Pays

It’s probably happened to you. You see a line just released for an NBA game. You like it but for some reason you don’t pull the trigger right away. Your two-point favorite is now laying six points.

There are numerous other examples as well, but they all prove the same point. Ultimately, a bettor just wants to get the best number. That is why betting early lines is important.

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Understanding Line Movements

When lines are established, they are not written in stone. Lines will change and do so for a variety of reasons. 

The biggest reason for line movement is because sportsbooks are “balancing the books” or attempting to bring in an equal amount of action on both sides of a bet. If sharp bettors lay down huge sums on one side of a bet, sportsbooks need to shift the line to bring in action on the other side of the wager.

There are also other external factors that will shift lines. Injuries to key players is one. Player suspensions are another. Teams may announce certain tactical or strategic changes and even changes in weather can alter a betting line.

Be sure to use at least one sportsbook that gives the opportunity for betting early lines. America’s Bookie specializes in this.

How to Use Line Movement

As a general rule, if you like a favorite it is usually best to place your bet early. Favorites are typically popular with the public which means a lot of public money will come in on a favorite. Getting the best betting odds is imperative for success.

Remember, large amounts bet on a particular side will shift the line accordingly. Take a look at an example.

Kansas City Chiefs -135 -3 (-110)

Denver Broncos +225 +3 (-110)

The Chiefs are a popular pick because of their success over several years. The public also likes their quarterback and high-scoring offense. In general, the public likes the Chiefs. 

In this game against rival Denver if you like Kansas City, place the bet now. The only way this line is moving is NOT in your favor. After a day or two, the new lines may look like this.

Kansas City Chiefs -150 -5 (-110)

Denver Broncos +250 +5 (-110)

If you waited for some reason, you must now wager $150 to win $100 and you need the Chiefs to win by six or more points if you bet on the spread.

Now, just as it makes sense to bet on favorites early, it makes equal sense to wait on underdogs, especially road underdogs. 

Get the Best Number When Betting Early Lines

As mentioned, the idea behind betting early is to get the best number. Remember, if you like a favorite, it is usually in your best interest to pull the trigger and place your bet.

To ensure you get the absolute best number, shopping for the best lines is recommended. Having open betting accounts with multiple sportsbooks allows bettors the best opportunity to get the very best price on any wager.